"We have a range of proprietary vertical solutions including an ERP solution ideal for SMEs, solutions for Insurance companies, a fleet management and a fraud management platform, tools for video and audio analysis and a complete platform to optimize remote Executive meetings. We also created our own GeoLocated Social Network (Haamble)."

Nextar is active in the IT industry since 2011 and the collaborating professionals have gained decades of on-the-field experience; this allows to offer our Clients a wide and comprehensive range of products, that meet most of the daily operative needs of Italian SMEs and Large Enterprises. We fully support SAP products suite and develop SAP customized software but also offer several application packages or stand-alone solutions, able to meet the needs of various Industries and Market areas.

What follows is a list of some of our vertical products:

“CLICK” is a new ERP solution ideal for Italian SMEs, designed exploiting the potential of the latest open source technologies; simple to use but powerful in performance, it has the great advantage of being cheap, thanks to all the savings on fixed costs of non-open-source regular Licensed products.

“CLICK” is a suite of integrated business tools that cover all operations and management areas. Thanks to the stability assured by the common single database, providing a unique source of information to several closely interconnected specialized IT modules, “CLICK” provides a wide range of powerful features and tools needed to properly run the daily activities of a SME company, in a user friendly environment.

Initially popular among Middle-Large businesses, lately “CLICK” has begun to be adopted also by smaller sized ones that ultimately find themselves having to deal with a similar complexity level.

We are fully aware of the importance for the Client of its investment and we value the skills already acquired by its employees: simple to understand and use, thanks to the COM / DCOM technology, “CLICK” is also fully integrated with Microsoft® Office suite programs.

In addition, each module of “CLICK” includes a series of tools and features that allow the user to fully exploit the existing corporate database. Some examples are:

  • OORB (Object Oriented Report Builder): Reports generator that allows to easily create customized lists, stats, tables, forms but also more complex documents like delivery notes, invoices, etc..
  • QBE(Query By Example): Advanced stats generator, easily configurable to best meet users’ specific needs.

Haamble The first Geolocalized Urban Social Network

“The best way to know a place is asking the people that are THERE, enjoying it in that VERY moment!”

Based on this simple but powerful evidence, we created Haamble, a brand new Social Networking app.

Once the user has found on his radar the coolest places and the most interesting people thare have been geo-localized near them in that very moment, she/he can discover their interest and all the tastes/preferences they have in common.

Via a real time chat, it’s possible to establish an immediate link with the people currently visiting the venue the user fancy visiting and asking for personal opinions in order to decide to go or not and meet the user, too. Haamble will eventually find an alternative venue that better fits the user mood.

Surprisingly the App is filling a Market gap left empty by the big players: currently the existing Social Networks do handle the geo-localization/ geo-referencing but none of them is able to manage the venue in relation with the currently visiting users, in order to link them in a non-intermediate way with existing and new potential visitors.


What’s more, Haamble allows to link pre-existing Value Added Services like booking, ticketing, reservation that are already –o potentially – available in the venue (cinema, restaurant, theatre, discotheque, stadium, playing field, etc..).
Last but not least, Haamble allows venue owners to perform highly focused campaigns taking full advantage of geo-marketing, proximity and customized advertising, providing him with the highest user profiling level.

Haamble Framework 

Nextar decided to give access the proprietary Haamble framework to those companies, willing to develop their own multi platform Haamble-based apps and solutions to support their Brands and businesses.

It will be possible to take full advantage of Haamble powerful and complete framework, in order to autonomously develop RAD WEB and Mobile solutions, immediately accessible from any connected device via any internet browser or native Android , IOS, Microsoft apps.

Haamble is perfect to fulfill the very specific geoloc-social networking needs of the commissioning Company, regardless if is a cars manufacturer, a Fashion Maison or an emerging Brand.