Innovation & StartUp

“Nextar provides a comprehensive support to startups, in every single phase of their life-cycle: we can act as strategic advisors, business model consultants, helping founders developing business plans and supporting fund raising. Later on we focus on revenue generation thanks a replicable process to assure results in the long run. Our Mission is Helping Startups to grow their business.”

We all agree that starting a brand new company is difficult, especially in the current scenario suffering from heavy investment contraction, combined with a strong consumption reduction … but running a growing business is even more difficult. Our long term experienced consultants are capable of providing a full support to startups, in every single phase of their life-cycle: Nextar can be just a strategic advisor or even deal with the delicate process of creating the business model, developing a realistic business plan and even taking care of the fund raising.

We have one single Mission: “Helping Startups to grow their business”.

Once a Company has developed a working product or service, it’s time to start generating revenues and especially earnings. Nextar will help you in the process of developing a replicable process and in properly articulating the proper operational tools, with specific regards to the development of revenue channels and the hiring direct sales forces.


The very next step – the real Business ramp-up – is the effective training and personal development of your staff, in order to achieve a constant but sustainable growth in the long run.

Nextar closely monitors all the implemented activities to grant a quick progress evaluation with periodic reports and reviews with the Top Management. Nextar is highly focused on innovation and emerging markets. We perform regular scouting of innovative products and continuously invest in partnership with universities (and particularly with their spin-offs) which we established long-term collaborations.